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Door Collection INVISIBLE line

Doors disappearing into the wall, melting with the wall, are really an impressive detail leaving no one indifferent. This slightly futuristic collection is characterised by universality and adaptability but in an inconspicuous manner. There are numerous variants: selecting jambs, selecting the door leave type with mirror or with glass, selecting of the door leave colour or fir, or even selecting the colour of walls. Your door from this collection will be exclusively designed by You, in that way be unique and special, and particularly dear to You.

The INVISIBLE LINE collection is divided into two groups, depending on the jambs:



The INVISIBLE ALU collection, in addition to all its designer qualities and possibilities of combining door leaves, emits strength and quality. The quality guarantee is ensured with the role of aluminium jamb implying longevity. See the cross section of INVISIBLE ALU jambs on page

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The specificity of the INVISIBLE CLASSIC collection is its jamb made of material convenient for painting with wall paints, so when applying the wall paint you also paint the jamb and, eventually, the effect of really absolutely invisible jamb will be achieved leaving an impression it is just a part of the wall. As with all other jambs, these jambs can be made to allow the door leave to open both inward and outward and, simultaneously, to be in the same line with the wall. See the cross section of jambs of these collections on page (insert page number )