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We thank the past, because we learned a lot, in future we look... and dream.

Product offer

LAKERKO - porta interna d.o.o.


Founded in 1994, we intended to engage in wholesale and retail trade of construction joinery products.

With the expansion of business volume, the need to initiate production for own needs and other traders’ needs surfaced; thus, the first machines and tools were procured for the...

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Our concern is to manufacture a quality product and, to achieve that, we are focused on perfecting details day by day. When manufacturing doors we do not deal with centimetres, not even millimetres, but tenths of millimetres.

We are...

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Wood and we

We are all involved in this trade because of our passion and love for wood.

Wood is our world; our daily focus of thinking, we simply enjoy watching it, feeling it in hand, drawing it, shaping it, and telling stories about...

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Experts in our business

Carrying out our trade since 1994, we have gained substantial experience, acquired knowledge and expertise; and, simply, this trade runs trough our veins. Just as those involved in door sales know everything about wood, colours, hinges,...

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